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Curtains and Mattress Cleaning Croydon

Curtains and Mattress Cleaning Croydon Cleaners London offers professional curtain cleaning as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with any of our other home cleaning services. Cleaning curtains can in some cases be a very troublesome job without the necessary equipment and required amount of care, especially when they are made of a delicate fabric. That is why our cleaning professionals treat such jobs with as much diligence as when performing any other of our services.

We utilise the most advanced high-powered equipment and materials for an effective steam-heat cleaning of any cotton, wool, linen or micro-fibre curtains in your home or office, or if your curtains are made of silk, velvet, hand-woven tapestry, or any other delicate fabrics, our professional dry-cleaning methods will still have them looking to the best quality standard they deserve, without any risk of damage. Our curtain cleaning methods are performed on site, thus saving you time and making for the most efficient process possible.

Professional mattress cleaning is more important than one might think. If not maintained, during their lifespan mattresses become host to large amounts of dust and unhealthy particles, as well as dust mites, which are known to be allergenic to most asthmatics and generally don’t make for very healthy sleeping. Our cleaning experts can take care of any and all mattress cleanliness issues for you and turn your bedroom into a healthy living environment once more.

Our prices start from only £19.00 for short length pair curtains and £25.00 for long length pair of curtains and a minimum charge applies.

If you would like to book a service with us, or simply ask for a quote, please give us a call on or send us your request via our Booking form and we would be happy to be of help.

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