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Leather Cleaning We at Croydon Cleaners London know that good maintenance is essential to a good looking piece of leather furniture. It is important to eliminate any dirt and oils in a timely manner to prevent degradation of the upholstery’s protective layer and help maintain its moisture balance, which otherwise in some cases may even grow mould, if left unattended. This prevents premature deterioration of your furniture’s overall look and feel and greatly increases its lifespan by making the leather more supple, resilient and less likely to absorb spillages.

Cleaning leather normally requires great amounts of care in order to avoid any risk of damage, and different types of cleaning products are appropriate for different types of leather, which may become somewhat confusing. That’s where our long years of experience may come in handy. Our expertise cleaning professionals are fully trained to handle any type of leather for you, so you don’t have to worry about causing anything undesirable to your furniture. All of our leather cleaning services are performed on site, so the utmost care is taken and we exclusively apply only the highest quality bio-degradable products best suited to your specific type of leather upholstery, thus eliminating as much of the risk of damage as possible.

We also recommend the application of stain protection solution, commonly known as Scotch-guard, following any professional hot steam or dry leather cleaning. All our cleaning technicians are equipped with a variety of stain protectors to suit every fabric type, and will perform a thorough application of stain protector upon request. The use of a stain protector will improve the longevity of your furniture, and will dramatically increase the interval before another professional cleaning is needed.

Prices start from £19.00 per armchairs, minimum charge applies.

If you require more information or a quote, or if you would like to book a leather cleaning appointment with us, please give us a call on or send us your request via our Booking form and our friendly office staff will happily be of assistance.

You can also order scotchgard protector application on the leather furniture in your property.

Here you can find some more information about the Scotchgard Protector service we offer.

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