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Window Cleaning Croydon

Window Cleaning Is the view through your windows visibly hazy? If so, it is time for window cleaning. You have hard to reach windows and unusually shaped conservatory? Cleaning is easy with Reach and Wash System. We have the latest equipment and techniques to achieve best possible results in a new and contemporary way. Instead of soap water and dangerous ladder we use safe and manageable window cleaning machines that have become a common sight on the streets of Croydon. Call us on or send us your request today. Enjoy a better view of the world outside!

What is so special about Reach and Wash window cleaning? Let's say a few words about the water used in this system. Through several staged purification water is being filtrated, de-ionized and de-mineralized. By nature, purified water strives to return in its impure condition by actively absorbing dirt, minerals and chemicals it stumbles upon. Thus, the window is perfectly cleaned, without the need of scrubbing or using detergents.

Reach and Wash System used for modern window cleaning has advantages over the outdated, less efficient methods. We use our own water supply. We reach previously inaccessible areas with ease. The window cleaning is performed from the ground level, making it safer for our technicians and less disruptive for your privacy. Properly rinsed, the window pane stays streak free and sterile, without sticky dirt-attracting residues. And last but not least, optimizing the speed and efficiency of the window cleaning procedure, we were able to reduce the cleaning prices.

Using the latest window cleaning technology has made us a popular choice for cleaning services throughout Croydon. Now we are able to reach and clean windows up to height of 60 ft (6 floors), delivering high quality results. And not just windows! We clean paneling, cladding, facades, canopies, skylights, French doors, conservatories and other exterior components.

Focusing on good customer service, we aim to provide our clients with best possible performance – from your initial call to the moment we complete the cleaning and wave goodbye. Easy scheduling, quick respond, competent interaction, full attention, you'll find it all with our office staff and cleaning technicians. Window cleaning in Croydon is right up your street, whether you need it for your home or for your office. Call us on or book the service on-line. We are here to clean your windows and brighten your day.

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